Sculry Food Services

More to come in Spring 2020!

We're in the process of building our core infrastructure and making our first facility & restaurant purchases. If you know a food business owner who would like to retire in the next 5 years, I'd love to interview them!

Thinking about selling your restaurant at some point? see our buying process

Our Success Principles

We do things differently at Sculry.
From the way we treat others to how we belive business should operate, nothing here is ordinary.

If there's a problem,
always blame the manager.

Create a personal mission
and live it every second.

Leverage the strengths of others
and you'll have no weaknesses.

Be an expert in something
and give that knowledge freely.

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Buying guidelines:

Food Production
Medium to large non-retail commercial kitchens & food warehouses w/ cold storage. Private owned, absentee OK. USDA & FDA cert preferred. Over $500k EBITDA/FCF. Bonus if real estate included. Gluten-free/vegan/kosher facilities welcome. Min 10 years in ops.
Quick service/counter/delivery style restaurants & cafes. No Franchises. Independent, single location, with an owner-operator exploring an exit/retirement possibility. Think pizzerias, coffee shops, sandwich shops, cafes, bakeries. Gluten-free & vegan only locations OK. Over $60k EBITDA/FCF with FF&E, inventory, easily transferable lease. Bonus if real estate is included!

About the founder of Sculry:

Christopher Whitson

I founded Sculry to take advantage of inefficiencies and missed opportunities in the food market. I have a unique take on the industry thanks to eclectic perspectives & experiences.

  • Increased margins; includes making non-profitable operations (like loss-leaders) profitable
  • Grow customer loyalty and satisfaction (my 2nd favorite goal to achieve)
  • Enhance employee morale, buy-in, & responsibility for success (my favorite goal)
  • Make a difference in people's lives (check out the moonshot startup I founded that worked in healthcare, maritime, nuclear, hospitality, and tech...all at the same time!)
  • Have fun and love what I do.

I attribute success to people. It's always people. It's what drives ROI...not tax efficiency, or interest rates, or vendor pricing. Great customers literally pay for the investor multiple. Well-trained & respected employees convince the customer to pay that multiple time after time. Take care of the people! It's not rocket science.

Career profile
Visit my LinkedIn page to get an overview of my history of experiences and roles. There are so many things I've enjoyed doing: non-profits, consulting, food, hospitality, tech, software's all there. If you have questions, just ask!
Other people
Sometimes it's hard to tell if a bio is giving you BS or not. If you visit my Angel List profile you'll be able to see what others thought about my risky startup work. I think it's a good way to gauge someone when you see how they conduct themselves while doing things with a high possibility of failure.
In a nutshell
I'm a dad of 3 boys, a husband of 18 years, a stock investor since my teens, world traveler, ocean sailor, .NET developer, a happy miser, lover of long distance ocean swimming, and wildy judgemental. If you don't mind snarky takes, dirty words, progressive politics, and the like...I'm on Twitter and you can initiate a stalking campaign or start a convo with me there.